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Havering Nordic Walkers started in February 2015 and continues to grow as more people are discovering the all round benefits of Nordic Walking for enhancing wellbeing and improving physical fitness. Havering has an abundance of green spaces, parks and nature reserves which many of our clients only begin to discover when they join us for sessions.

Clients like the social interaction of participating in a group exercise that they enjoy. Many have have noticed the improvement in their posture and mobility since doing Nordic Walking regularly. Eunice, who had balance problems, used to walk with her head down with rounded shoulders but. Since regularly walking with the group, she is pleased that she is now walking upright, even without the poles and is much more stable on her feet. The improvement is remarkable and she is so pleased that she can keep active in a group exercise programme.

Marilyn an exercise professional and Personal Trainer, is also qualified to work with clients from the Exercise on Referral programme. We cater to the needs and varying levels of physical abilities so in each session, everyone is included.

We will be introducing Skit Fit to clients who are preparing for their ski holiday in the winter.

Lorna Hutchinson

I love being outdoors and have always enjoyed trekking. When I first heard about Nordic Walking UK at a Fitness Expo in London, I knew from the onset this was for me. I booked on a Taster the following week with a local Instructor and was amazed at the power of the poles to increase the intensity of a walk! I was hooked! The following week I started the Learn to Walk Course.

As I also hold a fitness instructor qualification, I was able to do the additional training to become a certified Nordic Walking instructor.

My “day job” is in an office so on weekends Nordic Walking is both relaxing, stress releasing as well as invigorating. I feel so rewarded when clients tell me that Nordic Walking has improved their posture, fitness levels and enhanced their wellbeing.

I want to share the joys and benefits of Nordic Walking in the Havering area where we are so very fortunate to have an abundance of green spaces.

Marilyn Morgan

I am a gym instructor and Personal Trainer and after working in a gym environment for many years, I realised that many people would prefer alternative forms of exercise. Some people prefer classes some prefer outdoor pursuits.

About a year ago I was organising an event and had to put out 10,000 leaflets!! This meant walking for hours every day, in the beginning it was a struggle but after a few weeks I really started to enjoy being outside (even in the rain). I then started looking to maybe set up some walking classes and I looked on-line and saw Nordic Walking.

I thought that it sounded interesting and so I started to look locally for an instructor. Meanwhile I went to a Fitness Exhibition in London and ‘low and behold’, Nordic Walking had a stand there and as they say “the rest was history”.

I was surprised to find that Nordic Walking is not just a ‘Walk in the Park’ but totally different to my expectations and a great way to get really fit. The bonus is that you use the upper part of your body much more than ordinary walking and use 90% of your muscles.

It is a great way to workout and really enjoyable, I think everyone should try it.


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