Lorna Hutchinson

I love being outdoors and have always enjoyed trekking. When I first heard about Nordic Walking UK at a Fitness Expo in London, I knew from the onset this was for me. I booked on a Taster the following week with a local Instructor and was amazed at the power of the poles to increase the intensity of a walk! I was hooked! The following week I started the Learn to Walk Course.

As I also hold a fitness instructor qualification, I was able to do the additional training to become a certified Nordic Walking instructor.

My “day job” is in an office so on weekends Nordic Walking is both relaxing, stress releasing as well as invigorating. I feel so rewarded when clients tell me that Nordic Walking has improved their posture, fitness levels and enhanced their wellbeing.

I want to share the joys and benefits of Nordic Walking in the Havering area where we are so very fortunate to have an abundance of green spaces.