Marilyn Morgan

I am a gym instructor and Personal Trainer and after working in a gym environment for many years, I realised that many people would prefer alternative forms of exercise. Some people prefer classes some prefer outdoor pursuits.

About a year ago I was organising an event and had to put out 10,000 leaflets!! This meant walking for hours every day, in the beginning it was a struggle but after a few weeks I really started to enjoy being outside (even in the rain). I then started looking to maybe set up some walking classes and I looked on-line and saw Nordic Walking.

I thought that it sounded interesting and so I started to look locally for an instructor. Meanwhile I went to a Fitness Exhibition in London and ‘low and behold’, Nordic Walking had a stand there and as they say “the rest was history”.

I was surprised to find that Nordic Walking is not just a ‘Walk in the Park’ but totally different to my expectations and a great way to get really fit. The bonus is that you use the upper part of your body much more than ordinary walking and use 90% of your muscles.

It is a great way to workout and really enjoyable, I think everyone should try it.